Designers & Their Jobs

An art designer is the name for a range of related job roles in design, architecture, marketing, television, publishing, fashion, cinema, and computer games. Often confused with an artist, an art designer works under a more structured overall artistic production or methodology, often working in tandem with a writer or producer to complete a short film, script, or game. Though they can use their skills to construct environments and characters, an art designer does not paint, draw, or operate any type of machinery. Their job involves coming up with inventive solutions to real-life problems, which often makes them very visual and intuitive.

Art Designer

While the positions of an art designer may vary across different mediums, common duties include assembling visual elements into meaningful scenes, drawing people, animals, or objects, and writing captions or descriptions of these objects and people. Art designers are also responsible for coming up with ideas that can be put into a piece of art or assembled piece of furniture. Most good art designers possess degrees in fine arts, although some do not have formal training at all.

In order to be a good art designer, an individual must be highly imaginative and creative, as well as detail-oriented. Some good art designers also have a degree in computer graphics, as this combination of visualization and design is very practical and helpful in creating the art design concepts. It helps art designers communicate their ideas in a clear and concise manner. Also, good art designers are capable of conceptualizing and reassembling concepts into unique pieces of art.