Microsoft Office Style Designer – A Comprehensive Look

The Style Designer is an application within the Microsoft Office Suite that is used to make and edit styles within documents. Using the Styles and their associated collections within the documents you can alter the overall appearance of the document. The following screen shot shows the Style Designer window:

Style Designer

Within the Style Designer there are several distinct areas and panes of various shapes and hues to choose from. On the far left there are the commands or options which can include changing the border style, shadow and fill patterns, and color. To modify the Map style just click on it and change its commands to reflect your desired selection. These commands may also be modified by right clicking on them and then choosing “oggle” as the action.

Some additional useful features of the Style Designer include a built in function browser that provides quick access to frequently used functions such as paste, search, hide/show, adjust and clear indentations, and delete. This toolbar is accessible through the contextual menu of the tool or by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. Finally, the Style Window contains a Help button that displays helpful text about the Toolbar, Map style, and other buttons and commands. There is also a reset button to revert to the previous behavior. The Style Designer comes with an example of a style definition that displays the rules for a particular style.