Use the Style Designer in Microsoft Office 2021

Style Designer is an application used by the Report Wizard to create styles in excel reports. Using the styles and their variations with the selected report you can alter the look of your report significantly. The following figure shows the Style Designer view in Excel:

The Style Designer window also contains several other elements, which are very useful for modifying the looks of your workbook. These include the navigation properties which give you a good overview of the different options that you can use for modifying the looks of the pages of your workbook. You will find the navigation properties of the style designer in the References / Dependencies section.

The next item on the list of the Style Designer is the Map Style which consists of a rectangular or a rounded cap style, which is very useful when you need to modify the map style for the selected reports. The map style determines the background color of your charts. The Format option is used here to choose the desired font style for your charts. In the Target context menu you can set the name of the style template that will be generated at the end of your report. The Style, Map Style and context menu can be customized by using the Auto Layout feature of Microsoft Office 2021.