What Does a Music Business Art Designer Do?

If you’ve always fancied a career as an Art Designer then this article is going to give you the information you need. As a Cover Art Designer your job is far more different than just slapping together some random graphic design on an album cover. As an Art Designer your in charge of choosing the layout, colors, fonts, and logos to go with any song that you’ve worked on. This means that your job description will consist of being involved in all the creative decisions for the creative aspects of a song. You’ll also be responsible for choosing the actual images that will be displayed on the album cover as well as the videos used as well as the liner notes. As you can see your duties are quite broad and quite involved.

Art Designer

A good art designer must have a good eye for detail. Although most people are used to websites with no real visual content, the world of music and recording has a lot more detail involved in the creation of a record. In fact, if you’re working on a music video you will have to make sure that everything works in 3D and all the models and shots match up to each other and the song. A good art designer will have a lot of experience in this area as they will need to make sure that everything looks good and smooth enough not to get distracting. You also need to be able to work quickly and be able to visualize the end result before you’ve even written the screenplay or gotten to a location where the shot will be filmed.

Good art designers are very picky when it comes to hiring people to work with them. Remember, they get hundreds of songs and concept ideas all at the same time and you don’t want to be passed up because of something that you hadn’t noticed during the interview process. So before you go ahead and submit your resume to make sure you check out the designer’s portfolio. Most good art designers will have a gallery of work available on their website, which is a great way to get an idea of their style and how they might fit into your project. You can also see examples of their work through Google search results as well as the work of other designers in your local area.