What Does an Art Director Does?

What does an Art Director do? An Art Director is a director that bringing ideas together from different artists into a work of art. A good Art Director works with a group of creatives to help them visualize their vision. Sometimes they collaborate with the designers and marketers to help co-ordinate their creative efforts, but they generally have complete creative control. If you are wanting to break into the art world, or you just want to be recognized as an artist in this field, then a career as an Art Director would be ideal for you.

Art Designer

The average age for people entering the field of art design is between twenty and thirty years old. However, there are always bright minds being produced every year. Most of these bright young designers are going into the advertising and marketing field. A good art designer has the ability to draw people’s attention to their product by using a unique graphic design. Generally, graphic designers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in either art or marketing.

If you are interested in becoming an Art Director, then you should start looking at schools that offer a number of programs. Many colleges will offer you an Art Director Training Program if you are interested in breaking into the field of graphic design. If your school does not offer any specific programs related to graphic design, then look around online for a college that specializes in this area. A Master’s Degree or higher is usually required to be successful in an Art Director position.